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Transfer Australian Dollars AUD to or from Australia


If you are converting and transferring a large amount of Australian Dollars to or from Australia you should be talking to a currency broker.

We are able to provide industry leading exchange rates that can save you a significant amount of money versus your bank, not to mention fee free transfers and expert market timing advice.

Our clients get access to our dedicated dealers and online conversion and transfer platform to make large Australian Dollar conversions and transfers as simple, transparent and competitively priced as possible.

We find the best way to help our clients save money and time with AUD transfers is to have a chat either over the phone or online.

So if you have any questions or would just like a quote, say hello and we’ll help explain in plain English how using a currency broker can save you money on international transfers.

Convert and transfer money to or from Australia at the best currency exchange rates

  • Cheapest bank beating currency exchange rates
  • FCA authorised currency broker
  • Expert help and advice to reduce your risk and exposure
  • Dedicated account managers every step of the way
  • Convert funds online and platform access 24/7
  • Same day and forward currency exchange contracts
  • Zero service charge, commission or transfer fees
  • Transfer money direct to single or multiple beneficiary accounts

Send money to and from Australia at bank beating exchange rates…

For whatever reason you are sending AUD to Australia we are able to offer exchange rates that the banks struggle to beat.

In addition to this, we can offer various options on when and how you should exchange your money into Australian Dollars. With some careful planning, you can ensure the cost of the currency stays within your budget.

If you are an individual buying a property in AUD abroad, moving overseas, paying AUD tuition fees or just making regular AUD payments we can help you get the best AUD rate and value for your money

Or if, you are a business importing or exporting to Australia, paying overseas Australian salaries or making one off or regular supplier AUD payment Berry FX can help you save money on your AUD foreign exchange facilities.

A high street bank does a lot of things for its customers; we do one thing and do it well – currency exchange.

To start getting more foreign currency every time you make a AUD exchange become a client of Berry FX or take our commission challenge to see how much you could save when you convert money to AUD and send them to Australia.

What’s the best way to send money to Australia?

The best way to send a large amount of money to Australia is by using a currency broker. Currency brokers offer better exchange rates, market timing advice and hedging tools to ensure you lock in the best exchange rate.

Sending money from UK to Australia via paypal versus a currency broker.

Sending money to Australia via PayPal can be very expensive as the exchange rates are not fixed or even transparent. Whilst PayPal Australian dollar money transfers may be quick and convenient for small amounts of money if you are planning on converting and sending a large amount of money to Australia via PayPal it will probably be more expensive than using your bank where hidden costs can be around 4%. Use a currency broker if you want discounted and fixed exchange rates and personal service.

Getting tax implications advice on transferring money from the UK to Australia

Currency brokers focus on converting money and sending it abroad, for tax advice you should always talk to an expert. The tax implications of sending money from the UK to Australia are different for every person and situation so it’s impossible to provide generic advice online.

The best way to transfer money from Australia to a UK bank account is to use a currency broker.

Using a currency broker to transfer money from Australia to a UK bank account is the best way because the exchange rates are better meaning you will receive more GBP for your AUD. Sending Australian Dollars to the UK from Australia is one of the most common private client large money transfer routes and as such the process is quick and efficient.

Can I send cash to Australia with a currency broker?

No, currency brokers deal in sending large amounts of money to Australia and have do conduct a series of anti-money laundering checks before we can open an account for clients or process transfers. Currency brokers only accept deposits from bank accounts in their client’s names and cannot accept third party payments. Currency broker can however send money electronically to almost any Australian bank account.


What Our Clients Say

Superb service thank you! From start to finish the website you have is easy to use and any questions were quickly resolved either on the phone or via email. (1.5m NZD from New Zealand to GBP and EUR)

Really pleased with ease of trade and level of service. Will be using again soon. (200,000 EUR to Germany)

A very easy to use, fast and cost effective service. Great exchange rates too! This will be the way I exchange money from now on! (270,000 CAD to Canada)