How to deal with the expected currency volatility in 2017

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As with 2016, there is expected to be significant currency volatility for GBP, EUR and USD as Brexit moves closer to fruition and Trump takes residence in the Oval office.

Whilst it is difficult to predict with certainty where the currency markets are heading it is possible to look at historic trends to see where they may go.  More importantly, if you have upcoming regular or large currency conversions and transfers we are able to help protect your money from adverse currency movements and volatile markets.

Here are three ways to reduce currency risk and ensure you send and receive more every time you make an international payment in 2017.

  1. Be prepared. Get your account open well ahead of any expected transfer. Leaving it to the last minute may mean you miss your ideal exchange rate. Open your account online now.
  2. Manage your budget with a currency forward contract. Lock in today’s exchange rate for a transfer for up to a year in advance to mitigate the risk of an exchange rate moving against you.
  3. Be informed about the events that could move currency markets. If you want to see the latest trends, economic indicators and market developments make sure you read our currency forecasts.

To talk to a specialist about converting money online or by phone give us a call or register online.

Latest exchange rates, charts, changes and trends.

GBP Versus (click for chart and news) Mid-Market Price 1 Month Change 6 Month Change Change Since Brexit
EUR 1.1696 -0.34% -0.19% -10.40%
Trend Bearish Neutral
USD 1.2386 -1.92% -4.15% -16.24%
Trend Neutral Bearish
JPY 143.7829 0.11% 10.31% -7.08%
Trend Neutral Bullish
CHF 1.2538 -1.39% -1.47% -11.64%
Trend Bearish Neutral
AUD 1.6883 0.09% -1.41% -14.26%
Trend Bullish Neutral
CAD 1.6418 -1.69% -2.79% -13.35%
Trend Bearish Bearish
ZAR 16.9104 -0.54% -10.28% -21.62%
Trend Bearish Bearish
PLN 5.1027 -1.91% -1.29% -10.57%
Trend Bearish Neutral
SEK 11.1803 -2.39% 0.55% -8.10%
Trend Bearish Neutral
NOK 10.5238 -0.25% -4.68% -13.81%
Trend Bearish Neutral

Prices correct as of 9.15 am. Trends based on technical indicators. Changes based on closing prices.