Foreign Exchange for Charities

If your charity raises money and sends it abroad we can help the recipients of the funds receive more. Because we are foreign exchange specialists we are able to provide a more cost effective way for charities to convert money online and send it overseas.

We help charities send more money abroad by providing bank beating exchange rates and free international money transfers.

Why Berry FX for your charity?

When you convert money with your bank they can charge up to 4% of the amount in hidden charges, normally the spread between their buy and sell price.  Berry FX focus on totally transparent foreign exchange rates where your charity can see the mid market rate and also the rate at which your beneficiaries will receive the money abroad. This means that your charity ends up sending more money abroad than if you were using your bank.

For example, if you charity held an event and raised £10,000, it then may need to be sent abroad and received as US Dollars to pay for an overseas project, goods or services.

Using a currency broker that specialises in helping charities, you would get exchange rates that beat the bank.  Our exchange rates are closer to the mid market and as such could be the difference between sending 3-4% more of the donations collection to the recipients.

Personalised customer service

We deal with all our clients on personal basis.  This ensures that your charities needs are fully understood and this can be reflected in the currency solutions we provide.

Safety and security

At every stage of the process we ensure that there are the highest levels of security and protection assigned to your funds.

Advisory charity foreign exchange services

Our industry experience allows us to advise on the best currency conversion products for your charity. All charities are different and we can help with standard conversions as well as hedging, spot, forwards and currency options.

As a charity involved in international projects and causes, you have exposure to foreign currency volatility which can reduce the overseas worth of raised funds.

We can help a wide variety of charities exchange and send money worldwide. From builders to educators we help these organisations manage and exchange their funds more effectively.

As a charity, you are in the business of giving money. To give the most money that means cutting costs and making savings in an effective manner. We can help you do both; we will save you time and money and enable your donations to go further.

Getting a good exchange rate isn’t the only reason charities set up an account with us. They often require a more personal, proactive service that banks are often unable to provide. Others simply prefer to use our online platform and manage all their foreign exchange and international payments from their PC.

For more information on the various options that are open to you, or a quotation, please get in touch.