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International payments have never been cheaper, quicker or easier.

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Fixed & Transparent Exchange Rates

Exchange rates of 0.5% or less from the live mid-market.

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Hedge & Manage Currency Risk

Protect your company profits or personal budget from adverse currency moves

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For Businesses

International business payments at better rates, quicker & easier than ever.

For Individuals

Bank beating exchange rates on currency exchange and money transfers

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Totally transparent rates online or over the phone with a dedicated dealer

Why use a currency broker instead of your bank?

Bank beating exchange rates

Bank beating exchange rates when you convert money online or over the phone.  You could save up to 4% compared to converting foreign currency with your bank.

Free international money transfers

There is no charge for international payments when you send your money abroad.  You can choose to send converted funds to single or multiple beneficiaries.

Convert & transfer money online

Convert the majority of currencies online with our easy to use online currency converter.  We offer total transparency on exchange rates and show the mid market price when you deal.

Dedicated dealers for every client

Every requirement is different so we work with our clients to tailor a currency solution that is most appropriate. Clients can choose to deal online or speak direct to an experienced dealer.

Spot/Same day converions

We can pay out funds in a foreign currency same day.  There is no need to wait for the currency conversion to settle the next day.

Forward contracts

Lock in an exchange rate for up to a year in advance.  Use a currency forward to protect your business or personal purchases against currency volatility and fluctuations.